Republicans Hate Facts

Published: by POLITUSIC
Updated: 06-27-2015 20:56:37

The last few years have proven that Republicans don’t like facts. Facts require more thought than a bumper sticker. Facts require accepting something you might not like, but… well… it’s …

Democrats Hate Religion

Published: by POLITUSIC
Updated: 07-16-2014 09:29:03

This country was founded by people who wanted to practice religion how they wanted to. America is a Christian nation and it’s the best darn Christian nation in the world! …

Republicans Love Socialism

Published: by POLITUSIC
Updated: 04-21-2015 17:41:54

Most republicans are socialists, they just don’t know it. There are thousands of socialist programs in the United States, all of which we rely on to maintain stability and basic services. …

Republicans Love War

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Updated: 07-31-2015 17:13:22

Ares has himself an elephant. Pragmatically, republicans rally for war because it makes the United States a lot of money. Beyond that catalytic motivation, the Republican Party believes that chanting …