Why Democrats Lose Elections

Published: by POLITUSIC
Updated: 01-29-2017 07:49:20

As Americans emerged from the fog of the 2016 presidential result, one repeating question heard from all corners has been: Why do democrats keep losing elections? While coming to my own …

Congress Is Suing White House

Published: by POLITUSIC
Updated: 04-21-2015 17:41:06

It’s about time republicans sue Obama. I’m excited! This is just what I needed to hear to keep up the Tea Party, True-American message until the end of the 2014 …

The Obama Management Downfall

Published: by POLITUSIC
Updated: 04-21-2015 17:42:35

OK democrats, it’s time we join in the circle and start sharing our feelings. The Obama Administration is a bad manager. Putting aside broken websites, unprecedented obstructionism, and a dash …

If Mitt Romney Wins, Will Washington Work Again?

Published: by POLITUSIC
Updated: 03-31-2014 19:09:21

No. Of course it won’t (sadly). Mitt Romney as president won’t magically fix Washington. It’s too polarized on both sides of the aisle. Republicans and Democrats are like irrational stepbrothers fighting for …