What Democrats Do Best: Lose Elections

Published: by POLITUSIC
Updated: 06-21-2017 11:22:39

“Losing by a little” doesn’t protected my healthcare coverage. City Council to Congress, democrats continue to reflect the stereotype cast upon them by the republican marketing machine: spend millions of …

Democrats Deserve Donald Trump

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Updated: 01-29-2017 07:49:08

In the 2016 General Election democrats ate their cake and discovered they have a gluten allergy. Call it getting their just desert. Their wedding cake plate thusly empty, democrats are …

Democrats are Lazy

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Updated: 04-21-2015 17:39:40

I’ve already talked about how democrats want free stuff, so it’s about time I also tell you why: democrats are lazy. I know all those liberals and Hollywood types out …

Democrats Ignore Truth

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Updated: 04-21-2015 17:40:10

For a group of people that claims to be full of college-educated elites, democrats sure are stupid. Ha! This great country is falling apart around them and they have no …

Democrats Want Free Stuff

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Updated: 04-21-2015 17:42:01

Democrats love free stuff. Free cell phones, free food, free housing, they’re lazy. Democrats have turned America into a food stamp nation! Democrats… That word, democrats, makes me sick to my …

Can Democrats Win Back The House In 2014?

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Updated: 04-21-2015 20:31:52

Yes. Dems can win a majority if they become smarter than they’ve ever been at: 1) Exploiting the disjointed Republican Party; 2) Instilling shame in GOP moderate voters, and; 3) …

What’s Wrong with Democrats?

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Updated: 06-30-2014 11:16:23

What’s wrong with most democrats? They’re metaphorically left-handed while trying to negotiate in a right-handed world. The result:  a never-ending decision tree where little ever gets done. Most days, democrats as …

DNC Day 2: All Bill Clinton

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Updated: 06-27-2013 10:17:32

Point by point, piece by piece, former President Bill Clinton destroyed all the counter arguments from the Republicans and he did it with something Republicans don’t have: facts. Facts, facts, …

What Do Democrats Think About Republicans?

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Updated: 06-03-2013 18:25:44

It’s a difficult topic to address in these times without making someone unreasonably angry – worse than talking politics at Thanksgiving dinner. Addressing it requires a fork in the answer: What do …