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I have no idea why that person over there is wrong, but I feel that they are because I’m told to be angry at them all the time, so I’ll search online to find an extreme right-wing blogger to tell me why.”

Best search to POLITUSIC this day: Why Democrats Are Wrong. (Not, “Are democrats wrong”, but rather this person already believes democrats are wrong, yet has no idea why. Inverted logic: American politics in the 21st Century.)

Are democrats always right?

I'm right, you're wrong
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Heck no! No one is always right… except maybe me…

Democrats have made plenty of mistakes, and they always will – just like everyone else. Most progressives think democrats are weak. I, for one, think that Obamacare is a joke. Not because it’s a law that will turn the oceans into fire, but because it has a bad foundation. At its heart it’s a golden ticket for the health insurance industry. (The mandate is a republican idea, remember? Long before the time of Obama.) History has proven that a single-payer system is the only way to go. America will wise up and get there eventually… probably about the time when I qualify for the very popular, single-payer, socialized healthcare system that’s already in the United States: Medicare (but don’t tell the Tea Party that – they’ll get that deer in the headlights look that tends to happen when confronted with facts, rather than what Rush Revere yells at them all the time).

Democrats make mistakes just like everyone else. They are human, and have kids, and work hard  just like you and everyone else (… though I’m not convinced about some reality TV celebrities). As a group, democrats are far too concerned with a utopian idea that when they vote for something 100% of their caucus will be happy about it. The world doesn’t work that way; the United States is too big, the world too complicated, and the human condition too small. The result is generally a toothless policy coming from the left. No guts. No inspiration. Little improvement on the status quo. A cute kitten policy, rather than a lion that can get the economy moving.

Are democrats always wrong?

Heck no, either! No one is always wrong… except maybe me…

The issue in American politics is that the average people inhabiting the republican party – those who go about their daily lives and don’t have much time to pay attention to policy like the rest of us – have been screamed at for years that democrats are wrong. No matter what they do, democrats are wrong. If a person only hears one thing over and over it becomes their truth. That’s how the brain works.

Democrats are wrong in the eyes of many progressives because they’ve basically accepted the Paul Ryan budget numbers (the same numbers the Catholic Church called immoral). The CR that’s on the table during this government shutdown reflects the funding levels that Paul Ryan proposed. It’s a republican number. The democrats caved (as always), and gave the GOP the spending in the CR that they want… but it doesn’t matter… democrats are always wrong through the lens of Republicanland where history and facts are gerrymandered swiss cheese. Why? Because that’s how the GOP and right wing media make their money: convincing as many people as possible that democrats are wrong and ruining the country – creating an enemy. Common enemies create income. They sell everything from duct tape to war bonds.

If right wing media admitted that democrats were ever correct about a single thing… what would Rush Limbaugh have to talk about? Nothing. Nothing to talk about means no ad revenue, and no book sales. The GOP is a business that has invested 85% of its assets in anger, spite, and fear. It’s barely a political party anymore – it’s a business.

The point of government is to create stability, not chaos, and that requires creating public distractions.

For all those who search online for supporting reasons why democrats are wrong (and democrats who are really angry right now due to DNC balking, but who are not letting it be known because y’all are too afraid to offend anyone), we must never forget that a government is an economy. That’s it. A country and its government are an economy. Yes, there are services, and a neat document or two with fancy writing housed behind 2 inches of glass, but in the end the roll of a government is to create a stable economy so that all its people have enough income to distract themselves from being pissed off at, or scared by, their neighbors, their world, and their personal meaning in the Universe.

Ironically, the Republican Party understands “distraction” much better than democrats. When you distract people from all the crap that involves “being a human” you control them. We are animals just like everyone else. We all would rather look at something shiny than think about the meaning of life. A big TV with 400 channels. A diamond ring. Nice cars, big houses, meaningless job titles without real power, and Tea Party hats – the list goes on and on. Humans seek distraction so we don’t have to think about anything “difficult” to understand. Republicans are right in that they understand this very, very well.

Democrats have been wrong for a long time because they severely underestimate the importance and the power of distracting the citizens of the United States. They have yet to configure a system of distraction that is actually positive for the country and its evolution. Since the 1950’s, the only thing that has kept this country stable is the constant economic distraction given by a robust economy… and that economy is declining because the rest of the world is starting to catch up. Balance. All systems seek balance. The GOP stepped up and filled the distraction void by distracting its base via creating a common enemy: President Obama.. “The Democrats” (said aloud with great sneering, peppered with mockery, and cut with a cracked spork).

The Democratic Party, on the other hand, hasn’t done anything… anything… to distract its base in a positive way. The result is… …I don’t know, really… It’s this. It’s this day: an ongoing shut down of the federal government, coupled with a scared woman who needed help and couldn’t get it ramming into a White House barricade only to be shot and killed with her daughter in the back seat – within throwing distance of the United States Capitol building. Now her terrified child needs services that are not currently being funded by a dysfunctional government. Who has government failed? The Tea Party, or people who conservatives seem to enjoy watching fall through the cracks? … This day. This is what we get. It’s what we’ve earned for allowing ourselves to be distracted by reaching for reasons why “The Other” is always wrong because having an enemy makes more money for politicians than working together for a common cause. This is what we get. It’s another prick of despair, maybe… another tiny scar that sticks with us… that’s what the billion dollar business of American politics gets us.

I don’t know… I’m a basically a democrat, which according to 40% of this country automatically means I’m wrong no matter what I think, do, or say, anyway.

I’m wrong, you’re wrong, we’re all wrong – yet we all demand that we’re better than everyone else… we are funny animals, indeed. Yeah, sure, if it makes you feel better: democrats are wrong… but so are republicans, and y’all aren’t any better than any of the rest of us. So get off the high, flag-draped horse and start working with your fellow citizens instead of spending time online searching for buttresses for your GOP branded hate (bought by the bushel, sold by the ounce).

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