Republicans Blame Media for Everything. Is GOP Forever Stuck in a Different Reality?

Published: by Debbie
Updated: 08-14-2016 08:30:03

The rigid right wing of the Republican Party locked itself into a bunkered reality long ago. Their information bubble is incredibly effective at isolating their lives from dissent and differing opinions. The result is that facts don’t matter to this faction of the GOP. If their personal opinion differs from proven …

Democrats, Media Need to Tamp Down Trump Bashing

Published: by pwh
Updated: 08-14-2016 08:29:06

Donald J. Trump’s performance has been a gift to the Democratic Party and cable news alike. Both are making a lot of money as a result of his candidacy. Both are twitterpated at the prospect of writing the next best Trump bashing headline that makes all the A blocks. Even …

Political Convention Takeaway: Blame and Bewilderment

Published: by POLITUSIC
Updated: 08-01-2016 08:53:48

In 2014 POLITUSIC offered a political theory that the act of assigning blame is a core difference between the development of right wing vs left wing ideology. Two years later, the 2016 republican and democratic conventions support this theory. What’s newly unsettling this summer, however, is how blame has reached …

Why Are Democrats So Stupid?

Published: by Sam
Updated: 08-14-2016 08:30:22

I can testify with full confidence and authority that democrats are strolling down Dumb American Voter Lane with just as much blind vigor as the GOP base voter they cannot tolerate down-nows scoff. Personally, for the last decade I could ope with the generalized apathy of the democratic voter, but …

BREXIT's Impact on US Elections

Published: by POLITUSIC
Updated: 08-03-2016 17:56:15

… well that was interesting… Now that the UK has voted to take itself down the path that leads to There Is No UK (three cheers for Scottish independence), Americans who dare to be curious in our anti-intellectual culture might wonder what sort of impact Brexit will have on the United …

American Voters: Vote Personality Over Policy

Published: by POLITUSIC
Updated: 08-02-2016 09:54:38

This topic has dominated POLITUSIC gatherings lately: why do so many American voters decide on a candidate based on personality rather than policy? Most voters over 30 will defensively claim that they research candidates and examine their record – but in truth, my own experience has verified that no matter how …

SLO County Elections: A Letter From The Lessers

Published: by POLITUSIC
Updated: 10-04-2015 13:34:59

Dear Upper Middle Class of San Luis Obispo County,   Believe it or not, we have something in common. Rich, poor, or comfortably in the middle, it’s undeniable that anyone left of extreme-right lacks an inspirational cheerleader. (Bernie doesn’t count: one-issue candidates only win elections for county sheriff… and Gavin, …

Rand Paul: Rules? I Don't Need Rules!

Published: by Sam
Updated: 07-30-2016 07:39:42

When you get an entire state party to change how it nominates a president you know either you have power, or your party can’t find anyone better. This is where today we find  the Kentucky Republican Party and never-ending-running-for-president-in-his-DNA Senator Rand Paul. Up until about 2 hours ago there was …

Why Is Donald Trump Winning, Leading GOP Polls?

Published: by POLITUSIC
Updated: 08-20-2015 14:01:59

While most democrats I know brush this question off with a simple, “because the right-wing republican base is full of ignorant hee-haws who like bombastic a**holes“, I have a couple other theories why Donald Trump continues to lead the polls as the Republican Party’s (current) choice as their presidential nominee. …

American Politics and the Beta Male.

Published: by POLITUSIC
Updated: 09-01-2016 17:09:42

“What would Alpha do?” Some credit for this beta male analysis must be given to one of my favorite authors, Christopher Moore, who wrote a book that humorously analyzes beta behavior in modern American society. I’m not going to tell you which book, though, so you’ll just have to go buy all …

CuteDJ Review

Published: by POLITUSIC
Updated: 06-02-2015 15:29:51

CuteDJ Review: The Easy to use DJ Mixing Software for Mac and Windows CuteDJ is the most powerful and easy to use DJ mixing software on market. With its professional mix tool and scratch engine, you can use it as a powerful live remixing tool, mixing your music traditionally as …

Earthquakes Caused By Oil & Gas Drilling: Confirmed

Published: by POLITUSIC
Updated: 04-23-2015 14:21:44

Alabama Shakes… so does Arkansas, Kansas, Texas, Colorado, New Mexico, Ohio, and Oklahoma (Oklahoma shook its moneymaker more in the last year than California!). It’s official: fracking causes earthquakes* A government report released today finally sets to rest that the ground is, in fact, not at rest in areas of …

Michele Bachmann Blames Obama For Rapture, End of Days

Published: by Sam
Updated: 04-22-2015 07:18:13

GOP Rapture (no, not CPAC), why Obama is the cause of the End of Days, and blame as the cause for politico-religious extremism. Michele Bachmann has been spending time in the darker corners of the American extreme-right wing media machine, and most recently created some noise by claiming President Obama …

SLO County Supervisor Race

Published: by POLITUSIC
Updated: 10-22-2016 12:11:30

Analysis of SLO County politics. SLO county supervisor races and candidates. Election Updates (click link to jump): Welcome & Introduction (if you’re new read first so you have context) Republicans vs. Democrats in SLO County, Initial Assessment 2016 SLO County Supervisor Race Candidates as of April, 2015: Debbie Peterson, Dan Carpenter, Adam …

Narcissism, Self Esteem, and American Politics

Published: by Sam
Updated: 03-10-2015 07:54:06

Know thyself is for philosophers. Love thyself is for politicians. To be an effective ruler requires confidence. Being able to make decisions that impact a large number of people mandates it. Governance, however, is optional in American politics, and becoming a politician appears to demand a narcissistically inflated sense of …